Dumb Essays

I write dumb essays, poems, and stories. I post them here.


What it All Amounts To is Not Quite as Important as What Happens Along the Way

There's a reason all of our fantasies and fables
include prophecy and meant to be 
destiny and its foils 
really we know we are slaves to chance
controlled by what we can't see 
one way or another 
when that balance is due it's no matter 
what anyone has on the table 
we were born in and we die in 
we love in and we cry in 
this war without any spoils. 


Enormous Understatement

Sometimes things go well
sometimes shit gets hairy
what’s new becomes old 
what’s unknown seems scary
so tell me please because I need to know 
if your heart feels any warmer 
when I say with enormous understatement
that I like you in my corner.


The Outward Facing Inner Side

Wants everyone to know that it's all fine 
I'm sensitive enough to be your friend
not sensitive enough to pine 
I don't care about the rules out there 
or the ones here in my mind.


This Restlessness Can't Be Cured By a Reset

They all had a name for it 
every single one had a reason 
the people who came before 
cavemen wept and 
conquistadors raged 
and neither knew 
what the hell for. 

The Things That Fall From Ledges Tall

And those that hit us from nearer 
nonetheless produce effects 
which strike particularly similar. 

Minorly Famous

Seems about right to me
no spotlights or cameras 
nothing much to see 
just someone to know 
somewhere to go 
to get what you want or need 
only enough recognition 
necessary to assure
I can always find friends 
friends will always find me
there's always a place to go
and there's always a place to be.


The Dangling Hearts are Easily Plucked

A man like me will wear you out 
I'll be inside your head 
or worse your heart
and play those strings
don't let me in your bed
to feel the things I like to feel
hear the things I like to say
mine’s soft too and just as red
if you feel it beating
run away.