Dumb Essays

I write dumb essays, poems, and stories. I post them here.


Poetry is Dumb

Of the things we learned when we were young
some retained and some long gone
some things useful and some things dumb
some were everything

former hippies tried to teach us love
self-esteem, say no to drugs 
art and music to make us whole
poetry for our latch-key souls

I learned to write the way I shout
words will come when I let them out
simple phrases with razor edges 
big ideas on tiny pages
drenched in assonance 
and rhyme now
coalescing all my ages.


In Real Life

I want to speak in poetry 
like they do on the tv 
like they do in the movies
the way it sounds in my head 
I don't want to stammer and scoff
get lost in tangents and cut myself off 
think out loud and freak you out
get real mad scream and shout
cant even explain what I'm talking about 
I wish I chose words more carefully
in real life 
so you could always see what I really mean 
so you wouldn't cry and everything 
so I could give you what you really need. 


Soft and Gentle Moments Mean More Than The Time Between

It isn’t what we do or say that’s what we really mean 
we talk around and hardly ever get right to the thing
behave in ways we learned before to protect ourselves from pain
act as if we bring it all and have nothing to gain
but when we touch a certain way we feel and know each other
communication's difficult until you are my lover
so when I have you with me right where we like to be
when our hearts are really open and our minds can truly see
I try to push and pull you ever closer to me.


It Isn’t Everything But I Like That You Are So Pretty

Your back is very lovely 
your skin a calm and shining sea
your hair has grown and falls just right 
imperfectly down the middle
it’s beautiful to me
the lines made by your shoulders 
as they bend into your neck 
inverse to curves around your hips
invoke the same effect
but as much as I like to gaze
upon these things in bed
I wish that you would turn around
because I love the front of your head.


Bukowski is Probably an Enabler

It's like having 
the right tool for the job
the right ball for the lane 
the right lyrics for the the song 
the right skill for the game 
but maybe not exactly 
what it takes to endure pain. 

It May Be That I Have Already Done The Only Significant Things I Will Ever Do or Maybe I Have Wasted It All Anyway

If it never gets better, or worse
or if it does
it doesn't even matter now
or ever because 
just because.


The Fucking Bunker

Some holes in the ground 
are pretty good for 
sitting and drinking in 
but you can't call a thing 
what it really is 
it just isn't polite.